About Me


  •  Kingston, Jamaica

Ethnicurls.com was established In  2013, after the birth of her daughters. Easentialu Ceta wanted to update her family on their lives in the BVI and it has essentially evolved into thte Natural Hair Journey, Travel and Lifestyle of all whom she comes across.

Iceta Wright is a graduate of the University of Technology Jamaica where she studied Marketing. She is a mother to two girls, Sarai’Sway and Suhri’Sana’a and wife to a wonderful Jamaican man Omar F. Wright

The Ethnic Truth now renamed the Ethnicurls came about after Ceta  decided to make her experience and journey into something much more and share it with the world. 

In order to get The EthniCurls.com on the lips of Caribbean Naturals Ceta established an annual Natural Hair Expo and Meet up, Whirl & Twirl Natural Hair Expo for the sole purpose to educate all Natural diva how to be fab in their own skin. Natural does not mean neglect.

Ceta would say,

I think I have embraced and accept what my hair can and cannot do and I think now my Journey has come full circle. So let us start it once again, Join my natural hair movement and make it our movement.

For more information about me you can head to my FAQ page and that may assist you further.