How to Wear Floral in the Spring and All Year Round

Hemlines have gotten a bit shorter, shoulders are being exposed and belly button rings have spiked! Spring is here and Floral is back! Here are my tips onHow to Wear Floral in the Spring and All Year Round”

Prints can be a little overbearing especially if one mixes the prints, and most people are very timid to wear brightly coloured flowers. Don’t be…. it is fun and fashionable. Here are a few tips to rock those colourful flowers for the spring season.



Try wearing colourful prints in small doses like a scarf, bracelet or earrings, accessories with the print other than going full-on spring floral. A scarf is a great way to accentuate your style and it looks absolutely chic! Floral earrings or a floral bracelet will do wonders for your outfit.


Another option is to choose printed bottoms with a solid colour top. This will break the chaos and then you can play around with more prints.

Loose patterns are a great way to ease into this spring’s trend, with looser patterns it will, of course, no be very compact that is not too compact. Dense patterns can come off as being busy. Try wearing a pair of shorts or a mini skirt that will show more skin, again this is only if you are timid to be wearing floral prints if you are not shy, go all out and get a maxi dress with long sleeves.


Rompers are awesome, they come in so many different styles, finding one that fits your body type can be a teeny weeny tricky. We suggest you have one made as Floral romper can give you an overall spring look. The point is you do not need to go all ham because you know it is trending, budget, plan and be smart. Remember it will be over in a few short months.

Take a look at some style suggestions below or skip on over to our Pinterest page and for more Fashion go here




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