Protective Styles

Easy Boxed Braids to Wear for Summer

Summer is the ideal time for protective styles. In the United States it’s most common winter, but in the Caribbean, the variety of boxed braids come out. Here is a guide that may help you choosing a braid style to suit your own style

Finding a style is the first hunt. My Pinterest boards have a few 2017 styles that you can browse. There are few factors to consider when getting protective styles, maintenance, installation time, technician and fit for your lifestyle.

Boxed Braids

For summer 2017 the trend for protective styles was faux locs, goddess locs, long boxed braids and long cornrow braids. These styles were worn by Beyonce, Meagan Good and bloggers like Donedo and Jessica Pettiway. Trending colours fir braid extensions reds, mixed blondes and the very hip purple.

 Back view of Boxed Braids

The Skinny on Braids

Now remember they are cute and functional but it takes hours to do them…..hours!! The longer the braids the heavier they are, the shorter braids aren’t very versatile. The jumbo braids makes it a little harder to snatch back and can make your head look big….humph

Coloured braids are fun but keep in mind your job, outfit choices and makeup you might for the next few weeks be avoiding certain looks.

Boxed braids last longer than cornrow braids, about 2-4 weeks longer depending on care. Rope twists are better when they are small, like micro small but they take forever to do though.

Maintaining Your Boxed Braids

Maintaining your braids is essential to your scalp and hair. Its very simple though, all I use is the Cantu Edge Control and the Aunt Jackie’s Frizz Rebel, the Coconut and Sweet Almond Blend. I have YouTube video you can see here.

Recommended Salons

There are few places you can get braids done in Kingston:

  • Sassy’s Hair Salon – Sally
  • Faux Locs JA
  • Extensions JA
  • Bebe’s Hair Salon

All of which can be found on Instagram.

Hair Deets:

  • Hair – Expression super long in #4, #30, #27 and #360 (blondest blonde)
  • Installation time was 5 hours including breakfast and lunch breaks
  • Aunt Jackie’s Frizz Rebel
  • Cantu Edge Control

Hope this helps guys. Happy braiding!

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