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The Memoirs of a Food Blogger


I had the immense pleasure of going out with two fellow bloggers Monique “Irie Diva” Solomon and Stephen Scharoo from Recollections of a Foodie. We all ended up at a tasting for Tracks & Records in Kingston Jamaica, for their upcoming Wings Promotion. The wings were really tasty and visually appealing and the aroma was oh so inviting.

We started off the night pretty early and pretty hungry and we were all anxious to get started. We got our first platter of wings, Spicy Herb Sticky Wings, okay so they are still working on the names, but I loved these wings, it turned out to be my favorite, the blend of herbs and spices was great for my pallet and I was craving more of the sweet sticky texture that they brought.


We went on and tried, Asian Sweet Chilly, Cajun Honey, Very Hot & Spicy Buffalo, Honey Jerk, Lemon Grilled and Vodka Infused. Half way through this critique and tasting I’m like, this is what food bloggers do!? How often? And why aren’t they as big as this couch I’m sitting in? Needless to say I was thoroughly sated and the experience was very very very entertaining, informative and delicious.



I asked Stephen what’s it like for him to be a food blogger and he says he is genuinely a foodie and they have a really good time at his house on Sundays, he even showed me his Instagram Sunday dinner posts and they are beyond normal. There is enough food to feed the entire New Kingston Area.

“Hey Stephen, I know where you live, Ima be there this Sunday with my Tupperware, just saying.”



Monique I know for sure lives natural healthy lifestyle and she tends to want to experiment with her own flavors, she however revelled in the Cajun Honey Wings that turned out to be her wing platter of choice. But, I try not to miss the opportunity to often stop by her house and dive into whatever Meatless Monday recipes she has on the stove.


Each Blogger has their own Blogger Life and it was so different from my Hair shows, salons, Natural hair link ups and expos. This was a whole new industry for me, speaking to the brains behind a delicious food promotion, pricing of these and now knowing the customer is forefront in the minds of restauranteur. I liked the ability to give your honest feedback on a meal with the feeling that the powers that be actually are listening and taking notes, literally.

At the end of the night, some f0ur hours later, we had covered,  32 wings, 8 different types, 4 glasses of water, 5 different sauces, 15 food pictures, 100’s of words in a conversation exchanged and an AWESOME Guinness Cheesecake. I could definitely do more of this!


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