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10 Awesome Things About Having Natural Hair + Natural Hair Life Saving Tools

Having your hair in its naturals state without any chemical is now being called a Natural Hair Movement. More and More women across the globe are becoming more aware of their own sense of beauty and are defining and expressing themselves through their hair. I spoke to 10 of my besties and ask them what was the most awesome-est thing about having  Natural Hair.

Many women struggle with the everyday prep and care of natural hair, as it in no way easier to take care of than any other hair state. There is the washing, the pre-pooing, co-washing, silk caps/bonnets/ and hundreds of thousands of hairpins. However, I’ve been wearing my natural hair for almost 20 years and yes I have my, “I will CUT you” days and I have my “Girl YUH fly” days with my natural hair. The real challenge with natural hair is acceptance. Accepting your hair, length, type, structure density porosity, accepting every strand as being your and uniquely fitted for you.

That is the reason why I created the Natural Hair Guide. I want you not to be stressed about what comes next or what to use in your hair. Let me worry about, your job is to put in the work and actually try my suggestions and work with me to ensure your journey is fun and easy. Sign up for the guide today and get a 1-week  FREE consultation.

  1. I love a good deep conditioning treatment. It revives my hair and makes me fall in love all over again. Overall I just love washing my hair. It’s great to be able to always get your hair wet and not worry about damaging your hair. Water is the best moisturizer – Charm Jackson

  2. Protective styles are great for my hair, I love the many different types I can do, besides its great for my hair and makes my hair grow like a weed! The versatility of natural hair always amazes me – Shanae Bryan

  3. Even though it’s so hard sometimes, I love detangling my hair…..wait wait hear me out, its the results after that I love, knowing that my hair is going to be more manageable. Properly detangling your hair is key that will determine how much hair you have at the end of a wash day – Monique Smith

  4. I just plain love my hair, kinks, curls and all.  I have dense thick hair and it’s always so fluffy and big. BIG HAIR DONT CARE! – Amanda Moss

  5. My hair is awesome because its thick and full and long and, it’s my hair I have no choice I love it because it is…its mine all mine – Nicole Clarke

  6. I love my natural hair because of the attention it gets, isn’t that awesome? Every girl likes a little attention, don’t they, or that’s just me – Jaqueline Pink

  7. My hair makes me free…I love that feeling – Nicki 

  8. The best thing ever is being able to go in the rain knowing you will not have a bad hair day after, better yet, no matter what, there is no bad day ever – Jasmine

  9. I have a TWA and I have had one since I decided to grow out my straightened ends, I absolutely love the quick and easy way I can just go. I can go through the door now and know my hair will always be fly – Phillipa Dawes

  10. What’s not to love, I love every kink curl and coil it’s just me! – Renee Clarke

There you have it, 10 awesome things about having natural hair

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