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The Beenie Hat Post – Repost (Throwback)

Summer is about to be over and the chilly nights in the B.V.I  are about to start, as well as the rest of the world, SO after much comments about my Beenie hats, or Tams or Berets what ever your lingo I figure lets do a post about it.
Very Simple…. gone are the days when wearing a hat or scarf was to cover a dirty, dingy, “I am having one hell of a bad hair day”. Its become muy fashionable. I personally have been wearing theses knitted hats for 7 plus years (since I had my locs) and then all of a dozen they is trend…hmm who’da thunk it.
Dont mind me being super duper excited I am actually going out…IN THE NIGHT, by myself, as an adult….. by myself meaning without the baby…. This is what my hair looks like so I don’t have much variety of hairstyles to show you with the hats

Got this Purple one at Wet Seal LOve em….but they don’t take international credit cards so I have to wait until I visit the US to shop there or use paypal…..Yes People I get to wear foundation finally. My make up is so fly …right??     Milani Glitzy Glamor Lip Gloss (show stopper) Milani Black Magic (blackened Pink)…I used the solid end to line my eyes and the glitter end under my brows to make it glittery *wonders if that’s a word* and even tho the pic doesn’t show it a little blue eye shadow on my bottom eyelids…Wanted to be all Black and Fab
Wet Seal Again …..Side view, The bracelets where gifts from a lovely sailing guests..kool huh I think she made them herself not sure
Front and Popping… I love my fro bangs and Pink Lips…tehehe
 It is essential you have something red and popping in your closet for me its a red Hat, scarf, Flat shoes and pump, okay I never said ONE red thing…. I will post a blog about what are my closet Must Haves…It wont me 5 closer to 15 probably…oh lord
 I recently start wearing my hats like this, showing my  hair at the back and covering it up at the front, A little like an olf fashion German soldier
 But still, even tho very Fashionable I still use hats to go in-cog-nito… and hide my messy wants to wash, colour and twist hair *hummph*
 What! WHO! naaaw cant be!!!
So there it is guys, My 5 Favorite hats, I got quite a few more, but these are colour popping and fun.


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