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    6 Ways to Deal With your Natural Hair in the “In-between” Stage

    I did a mini big chop some months ago trying to get rid of the damaged hair I had neglected post-colouring. It was the best decision for my hair as the look and feel was overall healthier. After cutting off my hair, the problem I am now had was it was now back to that “in between” stage. You know that stage that it’s not long but too long to be short.

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    4c Hair Reality Check

    I have 4C hair, my hair is also coarse and usually VERY DRY. After I going natural I did a lot of research, yes after,  I guess I was too excited to do anything but go natural that I didn’t read a stitch of literature. I  learn a lot over the passed year as YouTube is my hair bible, its my go to app on my Ipad for styles and care.