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    How to Cope with Multiple Children

     Being the mother of two is one of the most challenging task I gave had to face. With a toddler and a new born the challenge comes in different folds. One if the things hubby and I were worried about was how Moon would adjust. Luckily she seems to be doing good, even though  we severely over compensated for what we thought would be a travesty for her.

  • Makeup

    How to Do a Perfect Smokey Eye

    MAKE UP POST!!!! YAYE!!! Can I tell you how much I love make up posts. Maybe I  Just Love the transformation from plain to dramatic, from day make-up to night, or maybe is the many years I have spent trying to master the technique. Yeah I did some training but training is basic and foundational and Make-up has evolved into so much more. BUUUT lets get into the Smokey eyes. I got this inspiration from my sis Jhanelle, and I thought it would be so awesome for the up coming halloween parties . Pretty Straight forward. This Diagram will give you a better idea of the lay out of your eye  Base Your eyes…