Off-the-Shoulder Baby Blue Summer Dress

The summer is almost over but the fashion is still fun. I got this number from Macs Couture on Mannings Hill Road. Mary Clark is the most awesome and fun designer ever! Her designs are fun, sexy and custom-made for your own body type. Continue reading “Off-the-Shoulder Baby Blue Summer Dress”

Summer Lip Colour | We Dark Skinned Naturals

Its about that time my FAY-VOW-RIT month and time of year!! The return of too short shorts and micro mini skirts, Maxi Dresses, sunglasses, vacation, beach parties and bright Lip Stick, paints, stains, gloss and balms.  Continue reading “Summer Lip Colour | We Dark Skinned Naturals”

Style on the Go “Pompadour Afro” | Beginners

2015-02-28 18.14.19-1

What you will Need: Continue reading “Style on the Go “Pompadour Afro” | Beginners”