How to Wear a​ Maxi Skirt with Belly Fat

Maxi skirts rock! That is it…no matter what else I write, that is the takeaway, they rock on everybody, on every body type and on every girl.
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Printed Bodycon

A girl my size is often asked, “you actually wear bodycon dressed? But you’re so (insert body shaming word here)”. You might ask how I react, well I smile and buy more dresses. Continue reading “Printed Bodycon”

The Memoirs of a Food Blogger


I had the immense pleasure of going out with two fellow bloggers Monique “Irie Diva” Solomon and Stephen Scharoo from Recollections of a Foodie. We all ended up at a tasting for Tracks & Records in Kingston Jamaica, for their upcoming Wings Promotion. The wings were really tasty and visually appealing and the aroma was oh so inviting. Continue reading “The Memoirs of a Food Blogger”