Off-the-Shoulder Baby Blue Summer Dress

The summer is almost over but the fashion is still fun. I got this number from Macs Couture on Mannings Hill Road. Mary Clark is the most awesome and fun designer ever! Her designs are fun, sexy and custom-made for your own body type. Continue reading “Off-the-Shoulder Baby Blue Summer Dress”

Jamaican Jerry Curl Crochet Braids

I installed this hair myself took me about 3 hours with breaks. I got the cornrow pattern from youtube here and the installation process here. Continue reading “Jamaican Jerry Curl Crochet Braids”

What I learnt to make this Summer Epic in Jamaica

This summer was epic for me, my family and friends!

Continue reading “What I learnt to make this Summer Epic in Jamaica”

Summer Refresher Tropical Drink | D.I.Y

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Its hot and it’s only getting hotter as the summer progresses.  It would be nice to get out to the beach everyday, and I am sure some of you might be saying, “you live on an island it can’t be that hard”, let me tell it is that hard, what…. Island people get busy too? Continue reading “Summer Refresher Tropical Drink | D.I.Y”