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    Easy DIY Bath Bombs

    Being a mom can take a toll on your mind and body. Therefore finding time and activities to keep you relax is something you need to incorporate in your self-care regime. Bath bombs have become quite popular and even though they are not super expensive, making your own DIY Bath Bombs for Relaxation costs less and more rewarding. DIY Bath Bombs for Relaxation How To Make Bath Bombs The main ingredients in bath bombs is baking soda and citric acid. The combination of the two is what causes that fizzing reaction. Corn starch or arrowroot helps with the silky feeling that attracts us all to bath bombs. The real goodies…

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    Fastest DIY Spritzer for Low Porosity Natural Hair

    So as you know by now Bawn Natural is on YOUTUBE as Lifestyle by IC-Ta (Iceta)!!! Yes, girl, we buss the place! So now you can get visual demonstrations for most of the info on the blog, cool huh? We are starting with a DIY Spritzer for Low Porosity Natural Hair and if you don’t understand porosity, read all about it here. So here goes guys, please SUBSCRIBE and thumbs up. Thank you all for your support. Please give feedback.