Kickers and Plaid

It is as hawt as a chicken heat…. or an elephant hide…. you know what I mean it’s HOT gosh darn it. Linen is really cool and its a lot cooler when it’s a teenie shorts.

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10 Bad Experiences On My Natural Hair Journey

Just like every other aspect of your life when you decide to make a change you have a plethora of people telling what to do and what not do. Once you start wearing your natural hair people with and without natural here will start to give “sound” advice. Continue reading “10 Bad Experiences On My Natural Hair Journey”

Summer Lip Colour | We Dark Skinned Naturals

Its about that time my FAY-VOW-RIT month and time of year!! The return of too short shorts and micro mini skirts, Maxi Dresses, sunglasses, vacation, beach parties and bright Lip Stick, paints, stains, gloss and balms.  Continue reading “Summer Lip Colour | We Dark Skinned Naturals”

Dyes and Your Natural Hair

2015-06-29 10.46.53
After I got pregnant  with baby number two I figure it would be challenging to care for my color treated hair. I was right of course so I stopped coloring for about a year now and focused on growing and moisturizing my hair.

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