Kickers and Plaid

It is as hawt as a chicken heat…. or an elephant hide…. you know what I mean it’s HOT gosh darn it. Linen is really cool and its a lot cooler when it’s a teenie shorts.

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Reve Wellness Festival 2015 | Natural Hair Talks

2015-08-08 14.13.36

With the end of the very hot and humid summer nearing the mood was pre set for Reve Wellness Festival on Saturday August 8, 2015 on the beautiful lawns of Devon House in Kingston Jamaica. The event was in full swing on arrival at about 1pm, the Natural Hair Meet up was a little behind schedule but no worries there was much to see.

Along the lawns you could see different vendors showing there wears and some very much appealed to the Naturalista in me. Handmade Bags, clothes and jewellery was essentially the theme, I must gloat that we Jamaicans are by far a very talented artistic bunch.

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The natural hair meet, up sad to say, was not well attended at all but those that came out made the best of the event and gathered from it all we could. We spoke on our own unique natural hair journey and we were educated on the methods and myths with taking care of our natural hair; and I must say there were a lot of myths.

One of the take away from to the event was the personal hair consultation to determine hair type, porosity and any challenges each individual may have in order to advise on a course of action to take care their own natural tresses.

The talented and enthusiastic ladies made the afternoon a day of chit chatting on the wows and woes of our journey and ongoing experience with natural hair, the acceptance in todays society and the awe factor from other races.

I would have liked to have seen more Natural hair bloggers and followers alike and the organiser  should have piggy backed on us to push this meet up to our followers and since the Meet up was in conjunction with the vendors there could have been slotted spots for different hair enthusiast to speak on different topic. It was a great even but

Dyes and Your Natural Hair

2015-06-29 10.46.53
After I got pregnant  with baby number two I figure it would be challenging to care for my color treated hair. I was right of course so I stopped coloring for about a year now and focused on growing and moisturizing my hair.

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Vacation hair


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