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Summer Refresher Tropical Drink | D.I.Y

Its hot and it’s only getting hotter as the summer progresses.  It would be nice to get out to the beach everyday, and I am sure some of you might be saying, “you live on an island it can’t be that hard”, let me tell it is that hard, what…. Island people get busy too?

Never the less for the days we can’t get some Caribbean Sun, Sand and Sea in our lives I have spent many summers making tasty refreshing Tropical juices and smoothies to keep me and my family hydrated and feeling a little sophisticated. 

What You Need

  • A Fancy Glass, of course
  • 2-3 of your favourite Islands fruits, Apples, Pineapples and Melons are what’s in the market these days
  • Stevia or sugar (optional)
  • Medium size to Large Jug
  • Spoon for your mixing pleasure
  • Ice Cubes or chips
  • Mint – be heavy-handed if you wish Mint is very refreshing
  • Ginger
  • Orange-Pineapple Tru Juice
  • Cutting board, small bowl and a knife
  • Smirnoff Marshmallow Vodka (Adult Version)
Tru Juice Infused Mint with a shot of Smirnoff Confectionery Vodka


Wash and peel ginger, wash the mint, put in pot and bring to a boil in about 2 cups of water. Try to remember that you want to make at least  3/4  of the jug with juice leaving room for ice and other ingredients.

After mixture has been boiled, strain the liquid from the mint and ginger and leave the mixture to cool, you can either put it in the refrigerator or leave on stove to cool on its own

Add cooled mixture to jug or container, then add desired fruit juice (see below for other options). Mix together and taste. If your juice is not sweet enough you can then add Stevia or sugar to sweeten, but we want to keep our sugar intake to a minimum so I suggest skip the sugar, add your Ice chips or cubes then place jug in freezer while you do the next step.

Wash apples. Peel melons and  pineapple then proceed to dice all fruits into small pieces. (see below of other options)

After dicing all the fruits you have two options here 1.keep diced fruit in the refrigerator in small bowl and use as desired or 2. pour entire content into juice. With option 2 though you might not get all the fruit you want.

And Finally, take juice from freezer by now it should be nice and icy, pour into cute glass, add diced fruits and a few mint leaves for visual effect, to spice it up you can add a shot of Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow and enjoy.

Other Options

If you do not have access to fresh fruits, fruits out of a tin, like Dole can be used, just add the juice from the fruit to you mixed juice
Kool-Aid can be used instead of Tropical Fruit Drink its more affordable and you can make loads
Blend Ice into mixture to make it a Frozen Drink
Juice options: Ceres lychee, V8 Splash, Pure Country Cranberry Tru Juice Pineapple and Tru Juice Guava or any other Tropical fruit juice mix you desire

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