How to Do a Perfect Smokey Eye


Can I tell you how much I love make up posts. Maybe I  Just Love the transformation from plain to dramatic, from day make-up to night, or maybe is the many years I have spent trying to master the technique. Yeah I did
some training but training is basic and foundational and Make-up has evolved into so much more.

BUUUT lets get into the Smokey eyes. I got this inspiration from my sis Jhanelle, and I thought it would be so awesome for the up coming halloween parties .

Pretty Straight forward.

This Diagram will give you a better idea of the lay out of your eye

  1.  Base Your eyes with Gold, from Lid to highlight
  2. Then use a bronze or brown to shadow the eyes, start from the corners and ensure the outer V of the eye is darker that the inner 
  3. Then from the middle to the outer and Outer V use a Black eye shadow, something with Shimmer to give you that pazzaz!!!

Ensure that the lighter colours are in the corners of your eyes, lighter colours tend to open up the eyes a bit, if you have tiny eyes do not use a liner to line your eyes if you must use something as close to you skin tone or a shade lighter to give the illusion of a wider eye. If your eyes are bigger use a shade up from your skin tone, this will make the eyes appear smaller.

Shimmer based eye shadows are for night. Less shimmer or matte base is more for everyday.

I didnt insert any links for make up, be creative and shop around for what you like. You can do this effect with a deep mauve or a dark blue.

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