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Sex? Yes Please…

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Hey Lovies

I haven’t done a baby related post in some time, wanted the right thing to talk about and even this lovely topic took a few days to put together properly.

For Some Sex is a touchy
topic for me “Bring it on”, most of my girlfriends gets popcorn and raisinettes to chat about their sexual prowess and lets not mention my male friends…ooohhh boy!

After having a baby some topics are a little more sensitive, especially to none mothers. Your Vajayjay now takes on……. a new personality, if you will. Everything changes about it, how it looks feels and smells. Note these aren’t necessarily bad things they are just….. different. It takes some Vajayjays longer to bounce back than other, be patience new mothers your body was made for child birth so you will be just fine.

The most surprising thing for me personally after child birth was the absents of my Libido…I mean…none, gone, finish, drive, urge need for sex. Of course this was clearly not a worry for me cuz I had more major things to worry about, namely getting Moon to sleep, so I could sleep, poo changing and oh how cute and wonderful she was. However husband dearest notice it spot on…*rolls eye*

Here are some tricks and tips that work for me, with support, of-course of your partner,  if your single then you wont have this issue then would yah

  • Sex SHOULD be priority – something that you literally put on the to-do list. You and your partner need to schedule specific times to have sex and be intimate with each other. After awhile it will all come back and you will fall into a rhythm
  • Ladies Take action with your sexual self-esteem. Pick up some new lingerie, buy some new clothes, go for energetic walks, read a raunchy book.
  • Baby Daddy’s do your part. A lot of us women end up being the gatekeepers of the baby and manager of all the chores and tasks.   Look!!!! SSiiiiir if I have all dem chores to do, plus baby managing, ooops shop lock boss…mi tyad!!
  • Remember that sex begets sex. Having sex raises your natural free testosterone level and will help you get back into the swing….So get back on the bicycle and start a “riding”
Till Next Time

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