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Restaurant Week 2015 – Launch

It was a beautiful and sunny day at Boardwalk Beach in St Catherine for this year’s Restaurant Week Launch. My fellow bloggers and myself got all dressed up fab and sassy with our Autumn make-up in full swing for the big ching-ding. We arrived just as the festivities were about to start, just in time to see a juicy slab of Copperwood Pork being taken off the grill smelling oh so good!

2015-10-11 15.09.24

The venue was done up in RW style with those huge pink forks, which by now is all over the island,  no matter how beautiful the place looked all I could see and smell was the food on display. Splash greeted us with cocktails on boardwalk entrance we downed that with enthusiasm and headed over to the wine station to get me some white wine.

Hmmm mmm approaching the booth area my eyes darted all over the place to the different dishes, waffles and chicken, potato pudding, jerk chicken and pork, crab legs, soup were a “few” of the things I dug into. My best food station was by far the Yellow Pages, yes I am aware they are not a restaurant I’m not sure if they knew that, they had tables laden with “peppa swims”, mango peach icicles, rum infused sky-juice, oysters, Jamaican sugar cane and coconuts. I was pretty much camp out next to their booth for most of the event.

So here is good advice for an event like this, learn to pace yourself, don’t eat too much too quickly, or you won’t be able to try everything. All right so I didn’t listen to my advice at all, as a matter of fact, neither did my other foodie buddies. We were properly stuffed long before the event ended. I can remember somewhere along that day camping out by Chocolate Dreams Chocolate fountain, yes that’s right, the best invention man made a device that liquefies chocolate. They were also next to one of the only fans on the beach that hot sunny day.2015-10-11 15.42.21

My next and final stop for the was to the beautifully decorated lounge that Flow sponsored equipped with a bar distributing the signature blue hypnotic liquor, and the biggest TV I have every seen. I sipped on my cocktail and had my last serving of jerk pork while DJ Smoke blazed my favourite genre of music, soca.

Along with the variety of foods the organisers of RW2015 had for the patrons, they had the sponsors was enough activity to keep us busily entertained. The Jamaica Gleaner had all the patrons answering six Gleaner related questions to win a Dutch pot of pudding, YUMMY! While Frigidaire stocked a double door fridge with groceries that we needed to guess the cost of the products to win all the contents. I was so close too; I was only $1600 short, bomber!

This year’s Restaurant week is slated for November 13-21, 2016 and will now feature breakfast which  I am totally stoked about.  The other categories remain the same with a per person budget from as low as $1850. You can find a list of all the restaurants, their categories, pricing and sponsor here.

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