Review : Herbal Essence Hello Hydration



Oh my fro I just had to do a quick unscheduled post about this product!!! Now if you follow me or even came to my Natural Hair Expo Whirl & Twirl you would have heard that I have been looking for theeeeeeeee condish. #drumroll
I found it!!!!!!!!!! This product is awesome it’s great it is the bees knees I am so exited about it!

It has incredible slip I had no single strand knots, I had to do nooooo detangling after my wash. It left my hair soft and it still had a little bit of slippage after a thorough rinse.

It smells…….. WOW! Great!!!

I am heading back to the store tomorrow to buy at least 5 more, yes FIVE, you caribbean naturals know you see something today and it’s gone for another 8 months.

So EthniCurls gives it 10 Afro shakes.

Gonna go wash my hair again lol

Xoxo -Ceta

Sorry for what ever typos you find posted via iPhone


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