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I am not entirely sure why I get asked the question so often, but I will do mt best to assist as best as I Can. Now as you know most women are not your average size 0, so I have a couple of readers who wants trendy and fashionable clothing to wear, or ask where to find a plus size in something I have on..
Before coming to the B.V.I I use to leave everything to my Fashion Shopper/Stylish, Tameka Norman ( if you want her contact I can provide). Meka usual shops at Wet Seal, forever 21, Charlotte Russe, H&M and such. For me its more affordable and they have street wearable runway looking clothes, Now I am online all the time shopping for myself, and the strange thing is I don’t have the time now, like I did then. 
High Lows are so in …. this is a cute way to be in style and feel confident all at once
If you have been reading my posts/blogs you will see I have expanded my content to include my “Passion for fashion”….Affordable, anybody can wear this fashion, but crazy high end stuff that not built for most
But here is a list of sites for plus size that I found to work wonders for a girl friend, she swears by them and I have checked them out and they are soo chic:
ASOS , Dorothy Perkins, Forever21+, Style369,, SimplyBe, and New Look 
For Swim wear:
Monif C, Evans, Figleaves, Bare Necessities, Sorella Swim, Domino Dollhouse, Gisela Ramirez, NakiMuli, Everything But Water, SimplyBe, Forever21+
I also found this Blogger…Plus size everyday girl that has such style its crazy
Gabbi Fresh
I normally don’t promote things I have never used, but doing the research to find the solutions for my readers was quite informative. 
In conclusion fashion is what you make it, if you can identify that your a plus size and need help with dressing your curvy figure your on the right track to Diva-dom.

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