Printed Bodycon

A girl my size is often asked, “you actually wear bodycon dressed? But you’re so (insert body shaming word here)”. You might ask how I react, well I smile and buy more dresses. Continue reading “Printed Bodycon”

Off-the-Shoulder Baby Blue Summer Dress

The summer is almost over but the fashion is still fun. I got this number from Macs Couture on Mannings Hill Road. Mary Clark is the most awesome and fun designer ever! Her designs are fun, sexy and custom-made for your own body type. Continue reading “Off-the-Shoulder Baby Blue Summer Dress”

Shorty Deep Wave – Review 


I have passed this brand of hair time and time again, noting how short it would look and how I’m not into short hair. Then summer 2017 hit and dashed all my boxed braids expectations through the window. No sir-re-bob I wasn’t about to put that heat on my body.  Continue reading “Shorty Deep Wave – Review “


Marriage Dating Tips

Every parent has a mountain of to-do list and those lists have their own list; there is also having to make time to for a social life and dating. Continue reading “Marriage Dating Tips”