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    4 Paleo Diet Food Categories and What to eat on the Paleo Diet

    Referencing a Paleo Diet Food Category of allowed and forbidden foods would be essential for a beginner who is figuring out what to eat on Paleo Diet. Because there are some modern-day foods that will be completely eliminated when following this diet, it may be hard for someone just starting out on this diet plan to experience success. Having an easy guideline with a detailed list of what to eat and what not to eat would make this transition between current eating habits and Paleo diet much smoother. Food Categories The main categories of food allowed on the Paleo Diet are meats, fish and shellfish, fruits and vegetables, nuts and…

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    5 Easy Steps to Transition to the Paleo Diet for Newbies

    The Key is to Start really slow by adopting these 5 Easy Steps to Transition to the Paleo Diet for Newbies. This is because switching over to a whole new way of eating can be quite a shock on the system. Making small changes at first, and then getting used to the change before another change is added is the best way to go. Our eating habits, including what we eat, are usually established at a very early age. Success in a new way of eating is often more likely to happen when the change is made one small step at a time rather than all at once. It is much…

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    The Paleo Diet Broken Down that Anyone Can Understand

    I have struggled through so many different diet fads and craze until I incorporated the Paleo Diet and Intermittent fasting, Today I will give you the deets on the infamous Paleo diet.  After childbirth, I realize that I was gaining weight faster than I was able to burn it and I couldn’t tell why. I had small portions I decreased fast food and sweets but nap, nothing happen. Then I happened into Intermittent fasting and started to incorporate the Paleo diet. What the heck is this Paleo Diet? With so many new diets to choose from in the marketplace, there are probably many people wondering, “What is the paleo diet…

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    6 Ways to Deal With your Natural Hair in the “In-between” Stage

    I did a mini big chop some months ago trying to get rid of the damaged hair I had neglected post-colouring. It was the best decision for my hair as the look and feel was overall healthier. After cutting off my hair, the problem I am now had was it was now back to that “in between” stage. You know that stage that it’s not long but too long to be short.

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    7 Awesome Reasons You Should Be Using A DIY Shea Butter Moisturizer + DIY Recipe

    I must admit that I was not a Shea Butter fan at all, the smell is not the best and it’s kinda greasy too. I’ve always had a million complaints about this product, but I now know why. Over the past couple of years, I have been listening to what my hair is saying to me and it has stated that it does not respond well to just Shea Butter, therefore, I had to improvise and after a few trials and a lot of errors I finally came up with my very own DIY Shea Butter Moisturizer.

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    Natural Hair Dictionary To Help You Understand What’s Going On

    Going natural can be very intimidating. With the pre-poo,  MBL, Pineappling and a host of ofter nonsense words that makes absolutely no sense at all!  A natural hair dictionary is absolutely necessary, especially in the first couple of months when there is so much content to sift through. The key is to ensure you know what content is needed. Well, clearly you do because you are here! I am excited about that!

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    Does Your Boyfriend Discriminate Against Natural Hair?

    It’s been awhile since I’ve written a rant type of post. You know the kind of post where it’s about what I really think. So why not rant about Natural Hair Discrimination. Let’s get into it, as you have decided to go natural. You cut off your hair or transitioned and you’re  at a place where you’re starting to love your features, you’re loving your hair, you’re just starting to figure out what works…or you’re a veteran and you’ve got this.