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13 Must-Have Natural Hair Tools To Start

13 Must-Have Natural Hair Tools 

Now that you have downloaded your checklist, you now need to know how and why you need all these Natural Hair tools. This post is also a part of the Love Your Hair Series. Go ahead and read the other two series here and here.  We are getting deeper into learning to Love Your Natural Hair, remember it is about understanding what you need and how to use your knowledge to manipulate your hair in styles that you love. 

You will not be able to have a smooth and loving relationship with your hair if you do not have some essential tools to make your life easier. Now don’t go be a tools Junkie and create clutter, unless it’s hairpins, those little suckers just diss-a-pear.

The aim of this literature is to help you understand your hair type, what is needed to take care of your hair to find the right tools to help you manipulate your strands into creative styles. 


Without further adieu here are 13 must-have tools that you will always have to rebuy or should always have in your natural here arsenal:


These will come in handy on wash days or whenever you need to do a style. The purpose is to hold your hair in sections.


 You need at least 2, wide teeth and a rattail comb. The wide teeth comb is to help with detangling and the rattail comb is to help with making those neet parts in your hair.


Okay so this should have been #1. No style will look right if your hair isn’t detangled properly. Finger detangling is still best, however, a lot of naturals are comfortable with using this type of tool


This is absolutely essential if you have low porosity hair, applying heat to your hair while doing a treatment will make all the difference in hair growth and retention. If you’re having issues with retaining length you may have developed a few bad habits that may be causing that. Read these posts  here you will be able to see some of the mistakes you may be made to stop them


A diffuser is just a blow dryer with an octopus looking attachment. Wash N Goes back in the day was only worn by type 2 and type 3 hair textures. Now with the product game-changing type 4 hair is in on the wash n go trend. However, type 4 hair still takes hours to dry. A diffuser will come hand for drying hairstyles into place. Low porosity hair chicks should definitely own one of these


Moisturising your natural curls is a daily activity and the best moisturiser is H2O. A spray bottle with water or a hair spritzer will save your life. Well, maybe not YOUR life but your hairs life.


All Hair textures need certain essential oils to assist with scalp health and again hair growth. An applicator bottle will come in handy to apply your oil mixture to your luscious strands. With curly texture, the path that oils from your scalp travel to get to the shaft of your hair is very windy and curvy and we need to help these oil along by adding back oils.


These have been cursed by all Gods. No matter how much you start the day with you will end up with NONE. Buy 3000 today and by midday day you’re down to 5! Hence why you should get a whoooole lot, most hairstyles can be saved by just one bobby pin. Ensure you get the ones with the little bulb at the end it will prevent injury to your scalp.


Get the ones without that metal clamp or it will snag your hair. Using a stocking foot or waist is just as effective or even better. When you are in your in-between state of hair growth you will develop what I call the “grab and fro” where you just grab a head bad wrap it twice on your head and push it up to the top of your head.


These items are crucial to hair length retention and even helping to keep those edges ‘slayed’ after a style. Friction from clothes, pillow and even your cars headrest can snag and break your hair. This is the best way to protect those strands.


For 3 reason, keeping your style dry in the shower, colouring your hair or creating the greenhouse effect when your hair needs to be treated. The greenhouse effect is essentially just trapping the heat from your head under the cap to help with penetrating the scalp.


This is a game changer. With heating caps, you can heat the cap and place it on your head for when your hair needs that extra boost of a deep conditioner. You are not trapped by the hooded dryer or having a steam cap on your head for half a day to get the effectiveness of the product. GET THIS NOW


All natural hair girl needs afro pick to make that hair stand up and say, YOW, here I am!

So you have been armed. Start looking up different DIY hair treatments you can use to make your strands super happy.


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