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Jamaican Natural Hair and Beauty Blogger - Iceta Wright BBA (hons)Welcome, as a Jamaican Natural Hair Blogger, my focus is on Natural hair beauties all over the world, but my Jamaica sistas are close and dear to me. I want to give insight on where to get products locally, along with knowledge as to how to shop for some of these products online. All in all, you can expect authentic reviews for hair products and techniques that will assist with as little manipulations as possible.

Incorporated on the website is beauty information for women of colour. tips and tricks to look fab affordability and health with regards to hair and skin maintenance.

Fashion is a major part of your natural hair experience, so learning how to wrap scarves, accessorise with jewellery will be the other aspect of your journey.

Smoothies/Food are also apart of the blog, yes I know it seems unorthodox but hear me out? I have found it helps with maintaining hair and beauty healthy along with some weight control. Getting all your vitamins and minerals naturally is the best way to ensure you know what you are putting into your body. Check out the smoothie section as well.

As a Jamaican Natural Hair Blogger, my goal is to get each and every other Jamaica Beauty & Hair Blogger on this site at some point or the other.

The variety of posts includes natural hair, which is the core, fashion, lifestyle and health. After over 6 years I am still trying to niche my blog and make it more topical and not narcissistic. I aim to make the content great, the images above par and my voice heard.

There is nothing much about me that isn’t already out there. I am married and I am a fulltime blogger and I even wear a superwoman cape by night, all while juggling a freelance business, friendship and being a mom of2 kids.

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Please stay, read, watch the videos and leave your feedback. I will see you in the next post

“Do little things every day to make yourself happy and everyone around you will be happy too”