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5 Ways To LOVE Your Nappy Natural Hair

I was told recently not to refer to my hair as Nappy as it is a bad word used to describe black women with natural hair, I was like WAAAT!!! I have to just set the record straight and give you all 5 Ways to Love Your Natural Hair. Lemme school ya….According to the Urban Dictionary Nappy is:

Tightly coiled / curled unaltered hair. Coiled hair in its natural state
as found on people of African descent who do not chemically alter their hair texture

UUHHHM …… yeah that’s me and I would say 99% of the natural hair community is, right? I continue to be natural because I refuse to be confined to “Societies IDEAS” of what is beautiful. I was born with my hair like this and I believe I should accept it for what it is…. MINE.
Over the years I have heard so many stories of why women “go back natural”, first of all, we are not going back anywhere we are all born with our natural hair, what we are doing is just accepting who we really are. Now, don’t get me wrong if you want to straighten your hair, that’s on you boo! As long as you are happy in everything you do, that is the goal.
I have had straightened hair and locs and I even cut those off after I had my daughter, because I, unlike a lot of mothers, don’t want to admit, your child will identify with you first and start making comments about similarities and differences. My daughters see themselves like me and comment that we have the same hair or refer to Beyonce’s hair as being MORE beautiful. If you are having issues though with raising your kids to LOVE their own natural texture, I have a post about it, read it here
 One of the key reasons my hair is always so gaw-jus is because I LOVE MY HAIR and have CONFIDENCE in however it looks on that day. I often jokingly refer to my hair as “She”, “she is having a good day”, “She be slaying that twist out…lol” Confidence is what people see and then turn to admiring your hair.
The real secret to being proud of anything is #SelfLove, Love your self and hair, legs, face, eyes will come right behind that. You have a choice, you can either accept and appreciate your Nappy hair or you can always go with the Oxford dictionary meaning:
a piece of towelling or other absorbent material wrapped round a baby’s bottom and between its legs to absorb and retain urine and faeces
Erm…NERP…. I am redefining the negative stigma that is NAPPY, I am Proud to be Nappy! PROUD! If you don’t like that TOUGH for you.

Here 5 Ways To LOVE Your Nappy Natural Hair:

  1. Learn to comb your hair – Youtube is a good style archive if not find a good hair stylist
  2. Learn your hair type – this will determine the products you can use. Identify your porosity – I have explained it here 
  3. Use a product until it is finished and use all you need in the same line – Cantu’s shampoo, conditioner, curling custard, edge control. I get most of my natural hair products from Earth Elements or Fontana Pharmacy 
  4. Research products – Youtube can be great but I suggest watching unsponsored videos, their reviews are a lot more genuine and find YouTuber who’s hair is similar to yours. Here a few Kinky Hair Vloggers I watch
  5. Get needed tools like hair pins, rubber bands, silk bonnet etc. I have blog on Tools You Need as well
Natural Hair
Now, you have been armed, with some much-needed confidence boost now make your choice, stay sleeping or get #woke about the Shyt people are trying to fill in your head. Follow me on the Gram or visit my Youtube page Iceta W. Tag your photos #HappyToBeNappy #NappyHairMagic


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