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My Second Big Chop and Why I Went Natural

One of the first things I noticed about my daughter when she was handed to me after delivery was the massive amount of hair she was born with, she has such beautiful curls now and I can tell that she will have a FULL head of hair as she grows      .
How It all started 
I was actually treating and trying to restore my cream hair and it was just getting somewhere, It started to grow have body and shine and then…In my second year of college I went to the hair dresser and said. “chop it off”
I always wanted to go natural but kept changing my mind, so I went with my gut and just did something drastic, you know, pull a Britney Spears *WINK WINK*
I wore my hair like this for quite some time. Had it coloured in a very bright blonde through most of college and then I decided to try my first bout of locs.
WOW!! College days…The first Time I started my Locs
I love having colour in my hair, and this was the first time I tried red, which was different from the bleach blonde I usually wore. I did this for awhile and I got tired of it and I was making a career change so I “CHOPPED” it off again and did some braids.
Braids…Look how young Omar and I are..tehehe
I let it grow out as home girl was getting married and I didn’t want to try locking it again and then have real nappy hair for my wedding pics, didn’t want braids and I hated weaves so it was definitely gonna be natural for my wedding.
Before Styling for my Big Day- Blow Out

Wedding Day
A year after the wedding I made more changes to the old very stable hair.
Went Blonde

Went Auburn
Twists and Blunt Cut
Starting my Locs the 2nd time
 After about 1 Month
About 3 Years
Du-Wrap style
Coiled Up-Do
Natural or loc hair is very versatile….very versatile…so what ever the reason or season you go natural I guarantee you will feel liberated to do away with societies stereotype of “good hair”
Remember these,

Chrisette Michelle and Yendi did the big chop. Yendi said something about having natural short hair made her feel empowered and how much she can relate to us “nappy” hair gurls… I never totally bought that but you get ma drift.
With that said if I had any doubts that I wanted to have my own natural hair grow, loc or other wise when Suhri’Sana’a was born my whole ideal about hair changed, I want to teach my daughter to love her natural beauty, and how better to do so than to continue to lead by example.
However you choose to transition make your style your own…be a Diva about it…I recommend it…DO IT!!! I did and I never looked back
My hair 5 days ago
My Hair today


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