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How to Cope with Multiple Children

 Being the mother of two is one of the most challenging task I gave had to face. With a toddler and a new born the challenge comes in different folds. One if the things hubby and I were worried about was how Moon would adjust. Luckily she seems to be doing good, even though  we severely over compensated for what we thought would be a travesty for her.

Boy she is a trooper very helpful and kisses Sway all the time, hence why they both had a cold. She often checks on Sway in her crib and just want to be near her all the time. I would say we lucked out with not getting any jealous fits yet
How do I balance it all? With lots of patience and a keen knack for prioritizing. Getting baby on a schedule is important then I can structure our toddlers games and such, what is helpful is just trying to make Moon understand to wait her turn.
Today my schedule worked wonders, Sway took a long nap while I was at the beach with Moon so we could get some bonding time together, us two. We have incorporated time each day for just her either with me or with daddy. So far she likes it and looks forward to the time.
We for sure are over compensating for the time we have to spend away from Moon, I do feel a little guilty I didn’t give her more time with us before we decided to have Sway but with time she will understand her place as big sister and we will hone our skills as parents of two girls.

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