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5 Easy Ways to Keep Colour Treated Natural Hair Moisturized

One of the difficulties that you may face as a naturalista is keeping your tresses hydrated. It is already difficult to get moisture throughout the shaft and from root to tip due to the curly path that the products have to travel. It gets increasingly difficult when harsh chemicals are used to alter its natural structure, for example, coloring. Here are 5 Easy Ways to Keep Colour Treated Natural Hair Moisturized and ensure that with all the damage we do to our curls that they keep bouncing back

1. Cherry Lola Treatment (CLT) Treatment

You can bet all the stars that this treatment works. The baking soda does tend to loosen your curls temporarily but it is quite beneficial to your hair. The treatment includes Yogurt, Liquid Aminos and Baking Soda. The CLT is a protein treatment so beware if you are protein sensitive; if you are I do suggest you skip this treatment.

2. Honey Infused Mask

Eggs. Mayo. Coconut Oil. Coconut Milk.

This is also a high protein treatment but it does prepare the hair to hold more moisture. Ensure to use cold water as we don’t want cooked eggs in your curly fro. Honey is a humectant, which means that it helps to retain moisture, and it is also an emollient, by the way, which softens and smoothens your hair, which “naturally” makes it a great conditioner and moist, by the way, Oh, this treatment smells divine.

3. Clarifying Shampoo

Whether you are all about sulphate free or bargain brand, co-washing or pre-pooing, shampooing your hair with a clarifying shampoo at least once every month is essential to ensuring your hair retains moisture. Shampooing cleans the build up on your hair and scalp and allows for products to better penetrate hair shaft.


I whole heartedly believe in DIY products, even being lazy at times to make them. Making my own moisturizer has worked for me and saved me quite a bit of money. After 17 years of being natural and most times have colour treated hair, lots of research, trials and errors I have found that the following oil mixed with water works wonders for my hair to keep it hydrated and moisturized. Here is a detailed demo or visit Lifestyle with IC-Ta Youtube Page

Jojoba Oil                Vitamin E Oil            Wheat Germ Oil / Shea Oil
Sweet Almond Oil                 Lemongrass Essential Oil
                   Water (conditioner is optional)


This solution can be use to help in the process of moisturizing Colour Treated hair on a daily basis. Ensure to make just enough for about a week, so as not to have it wasting or spoiling.

5. LCO Method

There are fads and there are fads but for sure this is not one of them. It has been proven that this method works and works well, especially for Low Porosity Hair types. The LOC Method or LCO Method ensures that the moisture placed on hair is sealed and locked into the hair strands, increasing the chances to retain moisture.

With these five methods, you should be able to retain and enrich your hair with moisture you can also read 12 Natural Hair Mistakes that we make as Naturals to ensure that you are not doing anything to damage your hair further and reducing your chances of retaining length.

Other DIY for moisture.

Shea Butter Moisturizer 


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