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Marc Jacobs Luxe Eyeconic Review – #Provocouture

My first set of PR products!!!!!!! EHEM…..*Taps Mic* I want to thank God, my mom and supporters without you my hard work wouldn’t be paying off! #TeamUs. Enough of my craziness, let’s get into it this Marc Jacobs Eyeconic Review. I received this complimentary new Eyeconic pallet in #Provocouture from Marc Jacobs Beauty and Influenster to test out and review and of course you know I have to shell out the deets. Now, I’m not an eye pallet kinda girl, especially for my dark skin, pallets come with colours I will NEVER use, therefore I tend to build my collection one shadow at a time.



Flawless. High-end. Sophisticated. Sleek. Chic. I honestly loved the packing, it screams “High quality”. The shape is ideal for just dropping into your travel bag or purse and the mirror is perfect to apply your shadows.


The Shadows

This is what Sephora advertised the Eye-conic as:

Empower your inner eye stylist with these ultra-luxe eyeshadow palettes, each featuring four fashion finishes: buttery matte velvet, shimmering satin, sparkling silk, and metallic lamé. Each curated palette includes a covetable mix of chic neutral, wearable shades and provocative pops in a new super-plush shadow formulation to cover lids in lasting, velvety-rich pigment. Available in six different colorways, choose the wardrobe that speaks to you, then layer it on to make the ultimate impression.


Impressive right? The shadows are buttery in dead and they are even more vibrant when you dampen your brush. There is some fallout, more than I would like for the matte colours; especially for the price. I would rather a lot less. The metallic lamé is gorgeous, really vibrant.

This is the look that was created from the #Provocouture Eyeconic Pallete. The magenta hues give a girlish look but you can smoke it out with the shade ‘In Bed”. YES….that is the name!

I really like the names of the shadows too, they were so unique and fun

#Provocouture- Magenta: Say it /with style/ otherwise/ you might/ as well/ just stay/ in bed.

#Glambition – Bronzey Tones: She was infamous, known for seeking the most over-the-top glamour.

#Frivoluxe – Violet: Fabulous! Always dress outrageously and how you want. Who has time for less?

#Scandalust – Rust and Scarlet: Hotpants at the office cause a fuss; that’s why they call her little miss scandalous.

Edgitorial – Camouflage and reflective gold: Take a memo/ Next season/ we’ll see/ pleather python/ making a scene/ enviously/ everywhere.

Sartorial – Celestial cobalt and icy teal and grey: Whenever in doubt: power platforms. Make sure (for once) they know who runs the show.


The Coins For Marc Jacobs Eyeconic

So is this palette worth $49… hmmm……. yes? The packaging alone says they gave it some thought and you are paying for high end for sure; but should the pallet be a little bigger? Just a teeny bit. In comparison to other high-end brands, you do get a little bit more for your money but quality may not be the same. The formula is top notch and does feel like a luxury product… so yes it’s worth the 49 bucks if you have it to spare.

So you have been armed with some good feedback, now go get your Eye-conic pallet and let me know what you think. Also tag me in your favourite eyeshadow palette of all time on Instagram, #BNMakeupJunkie, it may be my next product review.

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