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Kid’s Wash Day Routine – Natural Hair Kids

It is Sunday that means it’s kid’s wash day at my house. Every natural hair girl in the house is grabbing their favourite shampoo and conditioner and heading to the shower to get their wash on.

Sorry, I haven’t found a wand that has “a-bra-ka- wash or a-bra-ka-twist” so I have to still do all my daughters hair by hand and it will take an entire two days without planning. Today we will be using Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner and Lottabody body for LCO method.

Let’s get started!


Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner for my Kid's Wash Day
Aussie is very affordable and does an impeccable job. I don’t go too crazy with shampoos or conditioners because there is so much hair for it to grow through. I concentrate on cleaning their scalp thoroughly. Kids play, sweat and for my kids, they always have something stuck in their hair. Augh. Aussie gets all that grime out with two washes.  I wash Suhri’s hair in 4 sections and Sway’s in 6 she has more dense hair.


I have to use a conditioner with a lot of slip and Aussie again does a good job. I tend to use complementing products, shampoo and conditioner, deep treatment and leave in or leave in and styler. I find that manufacturers make their products to component their other products. (ok that was quite wordy but you get my drift). I still work in the sections and start finger detangling each section as I apply the product. This can take me anywhere from 1 to 3 HOURS to get through it all on my kid’s wash day.

Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioning is a once a month thing for the girls. Suhri, Sway and Iman tend to have properly moisturized hair, when they don’t it is more than likely their diet. However, protein and moisturizing treatments work the same way with them. What I usually use is Aussie once again, it’s affordable it comes in a package of 3 and I am bulk buying mama, and it does a pretty decent job, besides the deep conditioner literally takes five minutes. Every two months or so I go real mama bear and blend up a super protein treatment and we all walk around with plastic bags on our heads.

LOC Method For Kid’s Wash Day

LOC Method with Lottabody on Kid's Wash Day
I was so impressed with the results of the Lottabody products on my hair, I just had to use them on the girls. It’s very moisturizing with no greasy build up and it penetrates the hair in a matter of minutes. The Lottabody 5-N-1 Leave-In and Moisturizer Me Curling & Style Milk were used. Argan oil was used in Suhri’a Hair and Sweet Almond in Sways to lock all that moisture in. For the kids, they have high to neutral porosity hair so I find LOC method works best for their hair type. They all have type 4 hair, which doesn’t matter at all.


Before blow drying on low heat, I use grapeseed oil as a protector. Grapeseed oil has a higher burn rate than most oils and it’s the best to use if you don’t have a store bought heat protector.

It took me until the next day before I could style and they had a party to go to so I just had to be super creative and take another half a day to do all three hair again. (Will I learn?) Your kid’s wash day routine should not be long or expensive the aim is to have them have clean healthy hair and expensive products are not always the way to go.

For more style ideas like these, you can visit my Pinterest board for Natural Nair Styles for Kids. Most are pretty easy to do and you have your daughter choose the one she wants.

Easy Kid's Was Day Routine for type 4 hair Your kid's wash day routine should not be expensive. See how Always use a heat protector when blow drying your hair. On my kid's was day I use grapeseed oil


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