Infallible Total Cover – Product Review

New in the makeup market for Loreal Paris is Infallible Total Coverage. This is like the big successful sister to the infallible Pro Glow and Pro Matte finishes. TOTAL COVERAGE that’s exactly what it does. It’s lightweight just the same but it packs a wallop this bad girl will cover every little and major flaw in your skin.

The coverage it gives will eliminate the appearance of hyperpigmentation, blemishes, discolorations under the eye and around the mouth and give an almost flawless finished. Pair it with press powder and you look like a million bucks

It’s not all good and gooey, though, it will run with little heat loss, but there is enough coverage to use a brush with powder and your good again.

It dries quickly… I mean in seconds so do one section at a time.if not, streaks streak and more streaks and that is the hardest thing to remove after they settled into your skin.

Some persons might not like the coverage as it does hide every flaw and you will have to contour back into your skin the hollows of your cheek and highlight areas you need to pop

The Infallible Cover Girl should be used when you have a photo shot or you want to feel all the way glammed up and I mean allllllllllll the way up.

We recommend The Infallible Cover Girl  for your beauty arsenal for sure, as it can be used to

You can send find it now at York Pharmacy and Mirror Mirror newly opened in Half Way tree also on amazon from this link. 

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