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Why Hair Typing Doesn’t Matter One Damn Bit!

IMG_0238[1]From the post title you were probably expecting I would go into a rant about type 3a or 4b and 4c hair types, and even though I know the type of hair I have, but in no means do I make it define my styles or me. For some of you that are transitioning or just did a big chop, you may get so caught up with your hair type that you sometimes limit yourself and stay away from styles that may be fun and super awesome.

The thing is that after awhile your hair will tell you what it needs. All hair needs moisture and love so do that and find a moisturizer that’s awesome. I use Alikay Natural and my “Hair Crack” Shea Butter Mix click the link to get the details.

Recently on she interviewed a caucasian women who professed to also have natural hair ( no chemicals) and of course this caused quite a stir. My take is plainly leave the natural hair movement to women of colour, and still and for all the most popular bloggers and vloggers on the net have what we call ‘Nice Hair’ so all this week I decided to not use any products to manipulate any curls and just where my hair in its natural state so to speak.

I felt so liberated  to take the pics each day and just let my fly away, kinks and coils just be, this showed me how over the last 14 years I have grown to embrace my hair. That is the point isn’t it though, to accept it all, love you, love all of you. Hope you enjoy the styles.

If your still stuck on Hair Types get a “Reality Check” here

X_X Ceta

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  • justvou

    Nice post!
    Picking on the whole issue of Caucasian women and natural hair, I personally see natural hair as hair that grows out of your scalp and is’nt altered in any form. This means, anyone, brown, black, pink,. blue, purple or whatever colour and race can claim natural hair. I think natural hair doesn’t have to be for women of African descent alone.
    Just my take.

    • Ethnicurls Ceta

      On a technical term that is correct and agree natural is natural, but Caucasian women do not go through the struggles we face by having our “nappy” Hair out…. the stigma of not combing your hair, it being unkempt and unprofessional in some business, we have a real struggle with acceptance of our hair by them and by us. The Natural hair Movement is for women of color not Caucasian women, that’s my take

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