Hair Goals


Hey Ethnic Curlies

I had a great week, I hope you did too!!? I have been thinking about taking care of my hair and building a better hair regimen. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought, which is good, cause I am lazy.  I have decided on the L.O.C method, which is easy peasy, so each day or every 2 or so days I spray on some liquid (L) then I slab on some Olive Oil (O) and then I use my Shea butter Moisturizer (C). Get it Liquid. Oil. Cream.

This seems to be working so so so well for me, my hair is now constantly moisturized, I don’t have to b oil my hair mid day anymore, detangling is so much easier too. I love me some L.O.C Method.

So I have decided to make some Hair Goals for my self. Well “HAIR” goes

  • Grow healthy hair
  • Grow Hair to Collar Bone Length
  • Do protective styles 4-5 Days per week
  • Only use Henna Hair Products to colour my hair
  • Continue with co-washing
  • Re-evaluate the products I use in my hair
  • Continue to use the L.O.C Method
  • Stick to my hair regimen

Set some Hair goals for yourself you will be motivated to take care of, or continue to take care of your hair. These goals I have made for myself is relaxed and care free nothing to strict that I would feel burdened or bothered.

Good Luck Lovies

-XOXO Ceta



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