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Family Vacation Idea – Fort Clarence Beach in St Catherine Jamaica

There are so many places to go in Jamaica but one of my favourite and frequently visited spots is Fort Clarence Beach in St Catherine, Jamaica. It is one of the most popular beaches in Jamaica with enough knick-knacks to keep you entertained for the day.Bawn Natural

With a cover charge of less the $500 Jamaican dollars for adults and $100 for kids, it’s a great place for families. Birthday parties, weddings, picnics and even your occasional baptism. Yes, I’ve actually gone there and seen a baptism.

The beach is clean with a stretch of white sand. There are little spots you can set up camp, like under a tree or a secluded grassy area just for two. For the kids, there is enough lawn to play tag and a swing set that can keep them entertained for hours. No floating devices are allowed in the water, however, you can take sand toys for the kids to play with.

Fort Clarence Beach

Chairs, tables and beach beds can be rented for a deposit of $500 JAM plus the cost of rental which is the same five hundred. That should make you more comfortable.

A typical weekend at Fort Clarence is vibrant and fun. On entering the park you will see scores of cars neatly organized in the parking. The right side of the park is mostly sand while closer to the water is areas reserved for families with children to park their vehicle. On entering you can hear the sound systems playing from both sides of the beach park. Kids playing on the swing, patrons swimming, playing beach football or volleyball, dancing, relaxing and sunbathing.

Green Dress

The Food

The best part of Fort Clarence Beach, no it’s not the blue calm seas, its the enticing aroma of fried fish, roast breadfruit and fried bammy and festival. The fish is awesome, crispy on the outside and soft and fleshy on the inside. My favourite part is picking the fish which they sell by the pound, yes be careful not to eat with your eyes as your pocket may not understand. After you’ve chosen your fish, choose your side and drinks, pay for your order and it will be delivered when it is done.

For dessert, no worries, lounge on your beach chair and wait until the lady with sweets comes around with her sumptuous Jamaican snacks of gizadda, grater cakes and drops. There also might be cotton candy, shrimp, cheese snacks, peanuts or fruits.


Your weekend, for sure, can be what you want it to be at Fort Clarence, party like a rockstar, swing the day away, bask in the sun, eat to your heart’s content or just sit and chat with a friend. For less than 500 dollars you can not go wrong.


So guys tell me where us your favourite beach and whats the best thing about it?

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