Where are you from? 
I am from Westmoreland, Jamaica.

What was your major in college? 
Marketing and minor in International Business at the University of Technology in Kingston, Jamaica.


Can you cover my event with Live Blogging/Social Media?
Yes. Send me an email info@bawnnatural.com
Where do you shop for clothes? 
Nothing beats going to the store and shopping to your heart’s desire, however living in the BVI for so many years with no outlets, have thought me the joys and benefits of online shopping.
Love Culture, Forever 21, New York & Company, Nine West,  Black & White, Bridget Sandals, H&M, Old Navy. I am also very much into up
I am also very much into Caribbean designers, Jae Jolly, Macs Couture, RuffCutz Sandals and Kerry Kay. All you can find on Instagram or Facebook

What hair products do you use and what’s your Hair Regimen? 

I make most of my own stuff, but I do like Eco Styler Gel and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. On my wash days I usually just use my conditioner and wash my hair 3 times, on the last rinse I don’t rinse the product out completely as the conditioner helps with smooth detangling. I use a wide teeth comb to further detangle my hair, using a small Terry cloth or T-Shirt to dry some of the excess water form my hair. I then put in the Oils I like and then moisturise using The L.O.C Method, twist my hair in huge chunky twist. I tend to not do anything else

The next day I will use a grapeseed oil or any other one I have in stock to loosen the twist and style accordingly.

I wash with a Shampoo once a month. I finger detangle my hair between washes. I have always used harsh chemicals in my hair to color and I prefer them, but that’s me, I found out about Henna, its healthier you can probably do that instead, I don’t. I do mostly twist outs or afros……and finally I trim my hair ends when needed normally every 6 months or so.

Where did you get your hair products? 
I normally put a link to the product or a similar one. But its Normally from my local hair product store or Amazon. I have a post on where to get products in Jamaica.

Can you please promote my _____________ for me?
I will….. If I have seen/used/interacted with it and LOVED it. Only then will I promote it, if I don’t like it I don’t like it. All the things I have ever promoted on my page so far has been purchased with my own funds, I am not sponsored, therefore my comment are clean, true and factual.


What kind of camera you use to take your pictures?

I use a Sony Cybershot and my iPhone .

I’d love to work with you!
Awesome..head to my contact page and drop me a line or email below at:



So...what yah think

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