#ETGOTO Ethnic Truth Go To Hair style Challenge: Days 1-3

This Hairstyle is the “super High Bun” just swoop all your hair up to the very top/front of your head and secure with a rubber band. Use a scarf to wrap and hide the rubber band, then make a bun over it. you can use another rubber band to secure or bobby pins will do just fine. Prep time 25 Mins…yeah it took me for ever to get the bun neat…ugh
On day Two its a little harder to get a perfect fro after you have gelled your hair to smithereens, but with a little water and a wide teeth comb, mission accomplished, this is dubbed a “Stylish Fro”. Part the the bang out and plait to secure and so it doesn’t get mixed with the rest of hair, secure the rest with a scarf. Use a pin to secure scarf if your scarf is too silky. Use gel or curling creme to enhance your curls. Prep time 10 Mins

This is a little Messy as I took the pic at the end of the day… So sorry…. I just brush my hair to the top of my head and secured with a rubber band, yeah I KILT *if that’s a word* with my Eco Styler Gel, that’s so awesome. So yeah just 3 or so rubber bands. So how I did it is I put the rubber band unto my head like I woulda head band and just slide it to the position I want

For details go here

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