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Easy 15 Minutes Foundation Routine

Over the years makeup has evolved into something of artistry and had tapped into all our creative side. Personally, my foundation routine use to take me 10 minutes now it takes about one hour.

The last few weeks I have decided to scale down my makeup routine back into the minutes and to test whether or not anyone would notice. Nerp nobody did.

This look took me about 15 minutes including my eyebrows. The time will vary slightly depending on what your focus will be. Suggestion, focus on completion, getting your foundation smooth and flawless.

Easy Foundation Routine in under 10 Minutes

First, start with a corrector, here’s a little tip, if you have a thicker foundation that runs a little on the orange side, like Loreal Infallible, that can be used as a corrector. The foundation used in this look was Becca which does not have a lot of coverage, at least not what I need, but it is very buildable.

Colourpop concealer was used to highlight under the eyes, forehead, nose bridge, Cupid’s bow and chin and just a thin line on the jaw. Use a wet beauty blender to blend highlighted areas into the skin. Sacha Buttercup Setting power was used to set the highlights.

While you are baking your foundation, use your brow products to enhance your eyebrows. I used the wet and wild pencil. This is where you should watch your time, it may take a longer time for others with thinner eyebrows and for Those with thicker brows just go ahead and skip this step…you, lucky girl! Using a spoolie to sweep away any harsh lines and highlight under the brows with the same Colourpop concealer. Did I tell you how much I love Colourpop concealers? It is actually being used more these days than the LA Girl Pro Concealer.

Baking Face in Easy Foundation Routine
The next step is to use a little bit of Sacha Buttercup to set the eyebrow highlight and proceed to line your eyes with a gel or liquid liner. This is optional, you can always just slap on some mascara or go right ahead and do some bomb ass eye look, which more than likely take you another hour.

For skin tones like my and darker, a contour is optional the highlight done properly will give the illusion of a contour. If not, go right on in with your contour powder and do a small line that blends up slightly into your cheeks.

Applying blush in Foundation Routine

Line your lips with your fave liner I used the Wet N Wild liner and an affordable lip gloss with a nude shade. The lip gloss used was from LA Color, it smells a little like Vaseline so I add a little lemongrass essence to alter the smell.

Highlighting as a apart of foundation routine

Add a small amount of blush, Milani Baked Blush Red Vino, blend that down into the contour. This will give a contour blush blend to your cheeks and add some dimension to your face. Inglot Sparkling Dust is my go to shimmer highlighter, you can read the review here.

Setting spray to give a more natural look is completely optional, I find that after a few minutes the makeup just blends into your skin

Your foundation routine should be natural, easy and affordable and I stress affordable. Choose products that work perfectly with your skin and use those to create your flawless foundation look.

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