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Fastest DIY Spritzer for Low Porosity Natural Hair

So as you know by now Bawn Natural is on YOUTUBE as Lifestyle by IC-Ta (Iceta)!!! Yes, girl, we buss the place! So now you can get visual demonstrations for most of the info on the blog, cool huh? We are starting with a DIY Spritzer for Low Porosity Natural Hair and if you don’t understand porosity, read all about it here. So here goes guys, please SUBSCRIBE and thumbs up. Thank you all for your support. Please give feedback.

DIY Natural Hair Spritzer

What you will need:

  1. Spray Bottle
  2. Water
  3. Argan Oil
  4. Grapeseed Oil
  5. Sweet Almond Oil
  6. Lemongrass Essential Oil
  7. Measuring device

The need for a spritzer is to combine a couple of steps into one. Natural Hair needs to be moisturized daily, let’s be real some of us need it every two hours like a snack but to be spraying water, adding 4 or 5 different oils to the scalp and ends can be tedious so why not just combine them all into one product. Spray. Massage and go!

Using your spritzer for every style may not be wise. If you have a twist out then you want to preserve those curls like the holy grail so adding moisture will just UN-Define those curls you worked on so hard on obtaining. Use your DIY Spritzer for moisturizing your hair for an updos, a wash and go, locks, freshening up a protective style and also implementing it as apart of your nighttime routine. It is also important you do not overuse this product and add too much oils to your hair, especially if your hair doesn’t require it.

Remember that the oils in the spritzer was selected for natural hair with low porosity, which is the inability to absorb the amount of moisture needed for your strands to look lush, full and healthy. Leave a comment to let me know what other products you use in your spritzer.

DIY Spritzer for Natural Hair – For Low Porosity Hair Video




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