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Does Your Boyfriend Discriminate Against Natural Hair?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a rant type of post. You know the kind of post where it’s about what I really think. So why not rant about Natural Hair Discrimination. Let’s get into it, as you have decided to go natural. You cut off your hair or transitioned and you’re  at a place where you’re starting to love your features, you’re loving your hair, you’re just starting to figure out what works…or you’re a veteran and you’ve got this.Now you’re starting to hear the comments, you are getting the glares from a lot of men. So it’s crossed your mind,

What does my man think about my hair now that it’s natural

If you’re like me and met your man when you were already natural that might be the reason why you are both together now. At least that’s how it is in my case. Hubby loves and I mean loves by natural hair. Every curl, coil and kink. He supports me and buys my hair products and is very vocal about hair colour and styles. Which in its self-has another set of problems…, over-involvement.

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However, I have had other incidences with men especially way back in the day when I did my big chop. Oh boy, they had so much to say and these behaviours just made me cynical and a little abusive. Yeah, I’m that girl…. defensive.

The first comment I heard from a man, I was ACTUALLY dating, was

So you have stress in your life.

I could just fall to the ground, the audacity. Now I want to know have you ever heard that or have you heard this?

You don’t think you’re pretty anymore. Why did you cut off your hair

For that one I was speechless. I never quite knew how to tell this man off. I have also been told by men.

Natural a nuh your thing try summen else.

I could go on and on but then I’m not about the negative. My standard answer when it comes on to negativity with my hair is

‘Tis not your hair. ‘Tis mine. I do not require your support in maintaining my hair so you should have no issues, concerns or bother with the hair that’s on my head. It’s sad that you have an identity problem and cannot accept people the way they were born.

Type 4 Wash and Go. Visit for details The negativity around natural hair is why I shifted focus on this blog. I became so angry when I started reading some of the negative comments and was even angrier when they called it a natural hair movement. A movement like where are we moving to?

Positivity amongst black people is hard enough but then you start to segregate us by hair type and discriminate an already discriminated group and I’m like what the heck. The sad thing is that almost every other race is in love with our kinky hair and we have no clue how beautifully we really are.

Nowadays I revel in the catcalls and the shouts across the street,

What a gwaan natural hair dawta

Yes I’m that girl too. I don’t mind a respectful catcall, it’s entertaining and who doesn’t like to be appreciated. I have gotten really positive remarks from other men. I have a friend now who literally begs me to play with my hair, kinda creepy but you get my drift.

I get the I love your hair mouthed to me in supermarkets, DM messages about how to get their girlfriend’s hair to be healthy. I’ve even had men stop me in traffic just to ask me if my hair is real and then comment how much they LOVE to see natural hair women

I started this blog post because my girlfriend of about 10 years called me today asking for protective style ideas because her new boyfriend told her he hates her hair. You know what I said right……. so we gonna be shopping for a new boyfriend…right? Listen don’t let any man change you into something that you are not. That is stupid and weak. Yes I’m that kind of girl…. blunt.

So I charge you to ask your man what he REALLY thinks about your natural hair? Are you prepared for the answer? Let me know what he says.

I know it can be hard sometimes to figure out what your hair likes and we do take some time to actually listen to our hair. I can help with that I have a list post that can be helpful to you. I have listed them below:

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