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Best Defined Twist Out with As I Am Twist Defining Cream

We are all trying to obtain the most defined twist out ever, as such I have been eyeing the “As I Am’ Twist Defining Cream for some time now. So you can imagine how excited I was when I team up with Fontana Pharmacy to review this product on type four hair texture? Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, this product was given to me by Fontana Pharmacy for review, however, my views will be honest and to the point.

The criteria for Natural Hair product reviews on Bawn Natural uses a scale from 1-5, 5 being the highest:

  1. Packaging (5)
  2. Smell (5)
  3. Cost (5)
  4. Feel (5)
  5. True to what is advertised(5)

For a total possible score of 25 full points


Product Packing

Defined Twist with As I Am Twist Defining Cream

The packing was very professional, the colours blended together but there was nothing spectacular about it though. Nothing really stood out, it was functional and different from what is already on the shelves so the achieve their purpose of individuality. Score – 4.5


Smell & Distinction

I am big on smell, to faint it doesn’t work too high and I get a headache. The funny thing is that most products use coconut, vanilla or some herb as their base. There is no difference with AS I AM, they have a creamy vanilla ice cream smell, it does smell really good. Soft, subtle and distinctive at the same time. Most naturals base mark is Cantu products they pretty much coined that distinctive smell competition. Score – 4


Coins to Spend

Now, this is the real reason this product was never bought, the As I Am product, the price. At Fontana Pharmacy it is $2750 JMD, which makes it a proper $13 USD. That is not too bad when you look at the US price, but consider shipping and customs and we are back up to $2750. The best bet order 3 or more products under $50USD and then it will work out, but I digress. on a scale of one to buy, I would say it is not that bad you can buy this. Score – 3

Feel of Product

Feel on hand not so good, it comes off to me oily/greasy. it does have a bit of transfer unto clothes, therefore, wash hands after using. It has a thick creamy base so the feel on your hair will be a bit heavy, it weighs down your twists at first, but when they are dried they are fluffy and very defined. Low Porosity hair will love this product. Score – 4.5

It Says it does what……

On their website this is what they had to say :

Shiny smoothness, (and lots of it), is what you’ll get when you twist with this one-of-a-kind rich creamy styler. Made especially for highly textured hair with nurturing natural oils, plus an organic extract that provides the ultimate in moisturization. There’s even a wondrous organic compound blended in that works to block DHT and stimulate healthy hair growth. 

  • Produces shiny, well-defined twists and twist outs
  • Produces strong, lasting definition
  • Minimizes frizz and maximizes smoothness
  • Hydrates dry hair
  • Helps promote healthy hair growth from the follicular level
  • Helps prevent shedding and thinning


AS I AM for Defined Twist Out

Defined Twist with As I AM Twist Defining Cream

Yes yes and yes! This product does not fail. On my colour treated low porosity hair it defined the twists like a charm. I used a lot of the product my first go around and realise that a little goes a long way because it does take some time to dry. Braid outs took a long time to dry but that is common and they were just as defined. With a total score of 21 points out of 25, this product is BN Approved.


We are all trying to obtain the most defined twist out ever, as such I have been eyeing the "As I Am' Twist Defining Cream was my first option. Take a look this reivew


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