Shorty Deep Wave – Review 


I have passed this brand of hair time and time again, noting how short it would look and how I’m not into short hair. Then summer 2017 hit and dashed all my boxed braids expectations through the window. No sir-re-bob I wasn’t about to put that heat on my body.  Continue reading “Shorty Deep Wave – Review “

Natural Hair Products – Jamaica 

Recently we at Bawn Natural have noticed the increase of natural hair products in department stores in the United States but most noticeable are the vast increase in availability in local hair shops in Jamaica, island wide. Continue reading “Natural Hair Products – Jamaica “

4 Twist and Lock Gels to replace your Eco Styler

Eco Styler Gel by far has now become one of the WORST hair products I have ever used. It’s not a bad product, but it has bad ways. Continue reading “4 Twist and Lock Gels to replace your Eco Styler”

Jamaican Jerry Curl Crochet Braids

I installed this hair myself took me about 3 hours with breaks. I got the cornrow pattern from youtube here and the installation process here. Continue reading “Jamaican Jerry Curl Crochet Braids”