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    Kid’s Wash Day Routine – Natural Hair Kids

    It is Sunday that means it’s kid’s wash day at my house. Every natural hair girl in the house is grabbing their favourite shampoo and conditioner and heading to the shower to get their wash on. Sorry, I haven’t found a wand that has “a-bra-ka- wash or a-bra-ka-twist” so I have to still do all my daughters hair by hand and it will take an entire two days without planning. Today we will be using Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner and Lottabody body for LCO method.

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    How to Cope with Multiple Children

     Being the mother of two is one of the most challenging task I gave had to face. With a toddler and a new born the challenge comes in different folds. One if the things hubby and I were worried about was how Moon would adjust. Luckily she seems to be doing good, even though  we severely over compensated for what we thought would be a travesty for her.

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    Sex? Yes Please…

    Art work by Kevin William Hey Lovies I haven’t done a baby related post in some time, wanted the right thing to talk about and even this lovely topic took a few days to put together properly. For Some Sex is a touchy topic for me “Bring it on”, most of my girlfriends gets popcorn and raisinettes to chat about their sexual prowess and lets not mention my male friends…ooohhh boy! After having a baby some topics are a little more sensitive, especially to none mothers. Your Vajayjay now takes on……. a new personality, if you will. Everything changes about it, how it looks feels and smells. Note these aren’t…