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    5 Easy Steps to Transition to the Paleo Diet for Newbies

    The Key is to Start really slow by adopting these 5 Easy Steps to Transition to the Paleo Diet for Newbies. This is because switching over to a whole new way of eating can be quite a shock on the system. Making small changes at first, and then getting used to the change before another change is added is the best way to go. Our eating habits, including what we eat, are usually established at a very early age. Success in a new way of eating is often more likely to happen when the change is made one small step at a time rather than all at once. It is much…

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    The Paleo Diet Broken Down that Anyone Can Understand

    I have struggled through so many different diet fads and craze until I incorporated the Paleo Diet and Intermittent fasting, Today I will give you the deets on the infamous Paleo diet.  After childbirth, I realize that I was gaining weight faster than I was able to burn it and I couldn’t tell why. I had small portions I decreased fast food and sweets but nap, nothing happen. Then I happened into Intermittent fasting and started to incorporate the Paleo diet. What the heck is this Paleo Diet? With so many new diets to choose from in the marketplace, there are probably many people wondering, “What is the paleo diet…

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    The Memoirs of a Food Blogger

    I had the immense pleasure of going out with two fellow bloggers Monique “Irie Diva” Solomon and Stephen Scharoo from Recollections of a Foodie. We all ended up at a tasting for Tracks & Records in Kingston Jamaica, for their upcoming Wings Promotion. The wings were really tasty and visually appealing and the aroma was oh so inviting.