Marriage Dating Tips

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Baby | Breastfeeding Experience

About 2 days after giving birth your Milk sets in and replaces the Colostrum you normally feed you munchkin, and then your breasts become engorged and if you’re not familiar with the word, when that hits your breasts you will sho nuf know what I mean.

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Dating is Hard! 

I came across this post from a friend of mine in the British Virgin Islands, Vou. Vou is a Nigerian photographer that I have worked with before at my Natural hair meet-ups. She is living the Caribbean dream of a Natural hair diva enjoying her own creative experiences and spreading her idea of what beauty is. Before I met her in person, we built a great relationship on twitter and from there we started reading each other’s blog posts.

On her blog, Vou writes letters to her future Nigerian Husband about the exploits she essentially has to go through eventually meet the lucky man and becoming the ultimate “New World” Nigerian wife to his needs.

I haven’t dated in years so I am really clueless as to what is out there in terms of the new dating games. I keep seeing the #NetflixandCHill hashtag and the pregnancy pictures after a date like that. “Back in my day”, you could just really chill with someone you liked, a matter of fact you could find someone to chill with, these days it seems so hard. However I am very much aware that there are many single natural ladies that follow my blog posts, therefore I figured I would relay Vou’s story of her recent experiences, so here is one lady’s encounter with dating.

Vou Vents

Dear Nigerian Husband,

What’s the matter? Why have you chosen to ignore my need for your attention?
I’m  beginning to think you’re out there laughing at me with each letter I write. Whatever the case is, there’s this part of me telling me you’re just waiting on the perfect time to show up. My intuition is right. I know it is.

However, there’s also that little part of me that believes

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Not Hair: A Picture lasts FOREVER

I take pics of everything, everything, just to commemorate the time, a picture lasts forever these days

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