Marriage Dating Tips

Every parent has a mountain of to-do list and those lists have their own list; there is also having to make time to for a social life and dating. Continue reading “Marriage Dating Tips”

Be a Smoothie Guru – Equipment

Smoothies are one of the healthiest and easiest ways to get your nutrients. It’s great for on the go people who have every little prep time and it’s awesome for the health nut who wants a to ensure the have all the protein and carbs in one meal. Continue reading “Be a Smoothie Guru – Equipment”

Baby | Breastfeeding Experience

About 2 days after giving birth your Milk sets in and replaces the Colostrum you normally feed you munchkin, and then your breasts become engorged and if you’re not familiar with the word, when that hits your breasts you will sho nuf know what I mean.

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Easy Breakfast Ideas for Moms on the go

I have no time what so ever. I mean no time! I am the kind of mother that looks on single people who say their tired and growl! Like you have nooooooo idea what tired really is, try 3 kids! Continue reading “Easy Breakfast Ideas for Moms on the go”