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    Review : Herbal Essence Hello Hydration

    Oh my fro I just had to do a quick unscheduled post about this product!!! Now if you follow me or even came to my Natural Hair Expo Whirl & Twirl you would have heard that I have been looking for theeeeeeeee condish. #drumroll I found it!!!!!!!!!! This product is awesome it’s great it is the bees knees I am so exited about it! It has incredible slip I had no single strand knots, I had to do nooooo detangling after my wash. It left my hair soft and it still had a little bit of slippage after a thorough rinse. It smells…….. WOW! Great!!! I am heading back to…

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    4c Hair Reality Check

    I have 4C hair, my hair is also coarse and usually VERY DRY. After I going natural I did a lot of research, yes after,  I guess I was too excited to do anything but go natural that I didn’t read a stitch of literature. I  learn a lot over the passed year as YouTube is my hair bible, its my go to app on my Ipad for styles and care.

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    #ETGOTO Ethnic Truth Go To Hair style Challenge: Days 1-3

    This Hairstyle is the “super High Bun” just swoop all your hair up to the very top/front of your head and secure with a rubber band. Use a scarf to wrap and hide the rubber band, then make a bun over it. you can use another rubber band to secure or bobby pins will do just fine. Prep time 25 Mins…yeah it took me for ever to get the bun neat…ugh On day Two its a little harder to get a perfect fro after you have gelled your hair to smithereens, but with a little water and a wide teeth comb, mission accomplished, this is dubbed a “Stylish Fro”. Part…

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    Review: Orgx Argon Oil and Shea Butter Conditioner

    I have had this in my bathroom for some time now and honestly being always deflated with products and their puffed up advertising I just bought it and left it in my Hair try in the back of my bathroom cupboard. One wash day I realized I was out of conditioner and of course being it was Sunday and nowhere is open I had to go rummaging through my stash to find one I could use.

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    The Beenie Hat Post – Repost (Throwback)

    Summer is about to be over and the chilly nights in the B.V.I  are about to start, as well as the rest of the world, SO after much comments about my Beenie hats, or Tams or Berets what ever your lingo I figure lets do a post about it. Very Simple…. gone are the days when wearing a hat or scarf was to cover a dirty, dingy, “I am having one hell of a bad hair day”. Its become muy fashionable. I personally have been wearing theses knitted hats for 7 plus years (since I had my locs) and then all of a dozen they is trend…hmm who’da thunk it.…