Infallible Total Cover – Product Review

New in the makeup market for Loreal Paris is Infallible Total Coverage. This is like the big successful sister to the infallible Pro Glow and Pro Matte finishes. TOTAL COVERAGE that’s exactly what it does. It’s lightweight just the same but it packs a wallop this bad girl will cover every little and major flaw in your skin.

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African Tribal Makeup Fad/Fake/Fashion

No this won’t be a history lesson on why Africans wear Tribal Makeup or face painting when something as simple as a Google search can locate this information. It’s pretty easy and straight forward, tribal makeup and tattoos are meant to identify. Continue reading “African Tribal Makeup Fad/Fake/Fashion”

My Birthday With Jamaican Designers

This year marks my 32nd year on earth and for my birthday (Bawn Day) I will do something for myself as well as others. Most years I go out to dinner or the Salon but this year I had what I think would be a good idea for all involved. I have been blogging for over 3 years now and I have met some very talented Jamaica and BVI Designers, that I believe should be huge one day, so for my B-day, I am going to highlight some designers that are so “rocking it”.

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