Foundation Hacks for Skin Matching

Now come closer…a little closer, have you ever tried to purchase Foundation online, from a brand you have never used? You know the whole, “youtube influencer made me buy it” I have a few things in my beauty arsenal just like, needless to say, Jackie Aina is my YouTube kryptonite…augh.

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#WTGW Where To Get What – The Makeup Edition

I am super excited about whats going on in the makeup industry. I look forward every day to see what new products will pop up in my IG Feed and Story. I think I follow every major brand and I make a list of what products I want to try next. Continue reading “#WTGW Where To Get What – The Makeup Edition”

Infallible Total Cover – Product Review

New in the makeup market for Loreal Paris is Infallible Total Coverage. This is like the big successful sister to the infallible Pro Glow and Pro Matte finishes. TOTAL COVERAGE that’s exactly what it does. It’s lightweight just the same but it packs a wallop this bad girl will cover every little and major flaw in your skin.

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African Tribal Makeup Fad/Fake/Fashion

No this won’t be a history lesson on why Africans wear Tribal Makeup or face painting when something as simple as a Google search can locate this information. It’s pretty easy and straight forward, tribal makeup and tattoos are meant to identify. Continue reading “African Tribal Makeup Fad/Fake/Fashion”