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So you won’t be jumping Mas this year, no costume, glammed you makeup and shiny boots. No worries we still have you covered! We have exactly what you need to wear while shouting for you favourite Bacchanal, Carnival, XXodus or Xamayca troop. Don’t be left behind this carnival season look fab and chic while wining to the latest soca music from Machel Montana or Kes The Band.


Carnival in Jamaica has evolved over the years, we are nowhere near gurus like Trinidad and Tobago but we are definitely working up to it. The costumes have become more creative, the entertainment has incorporated more headline acts and the sponsorship has soared in the past 5 years or so. Keep your eye on us we are definitely getting there

Soca Parties

There will be a few Soca Parties leading up to the big road march in a few days and it is important that you know exactly how to dress for the occasion. The nights are pretty warm so for sure you have to dust off that “batty rider” shorts. The shorter the better!


Shorts are most comfortable to wear to a soca party and comfortable is used very loosely here, leggings a close second, it gives you the ability to gyrate and move freely, along with giving you the opportunity to be cooler when one starts to sweat profusely. Soca is a great work out!

Drinking and dancing none stop for sure can cause your makeup to run and your pristine clothes to get soiled. Use sweat proof makeup, live with the running product or wear none, no one cares too much once the party is in full swingf756dd657ab60870477e93ddbd9b3623

You want to look fashionable and fab for the soca parties but not too clean-cut, especially if you are heading to some kind of Jouvert party (normally includes paint, mud or chocolate being thrown on patrons.

Carnival Day Road March

It should be a hot and long day, therefore it is essential that you are prepared to brave the hot sun. Water is important, there will be water stops for revellers, as well as bottled water on sale, however, if you have a cute water bottle you can take that along too.

Water will help keep you hydrated and for those drinking heavily will stave off intoxication.

Up next, Sunglass, protect your eyes from harsh UV rays with your favourite pair of shades. The alternative is to wear a broad rimmed hat, however, you might find that it captures heat on your head, causing you to sweat more.


Now for the F A S H I O N! It is all about the shorts, shorts and more shorts! Distress, Linen, khakis and rompers. You can even do a DIY shorts with come acrylic paint, glitter and studs. Just like going to soca parties you want something to allow movement, look sexy and keep you cool when you start to dance.590b5d4d97d97942ec2d31b13780f249

Footwear includes sturdy boots, comfortable sneakers or fashionable slippers that can withstand the dancing and one and two spills. For footwear, you know we do we are all about the style so you will find a wide variety, of Bridgette, Ruff Cutz, El Marton and Millz Sandal. We do suggest though boots or sneakers they can withstand the long walk, jumping and dancing.


If you were not prepared for this year, we hope this helps so you won’t be left behind for 2018 Carnival.

You can find other selection in Bawn Natural Pinterest account. 



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