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Confession, are You the Worse Natural Hair Person?

Let me ask, do you believe you are the worse natural hair person? Are you like clueless as to what your hair texture is? Are you clueless as to what products to use in your hair? Porosity…. What is that? Pre-poo, finger detangling… What Google doesn’t even recognize those words. You might be the worse natural hair person after all.

Included in this post are 3 things to focus on while you experience your natural hair journey.

What is Really Important

We are all caught up with either hair texture, products or hair length. Now understand that all those have their place in our journey and nothing is wrong with focusing on one or all three. However, We are never really focused on what’s important.  What is important first is acceptance. You need to know that your hair type is just that YOUR hair, there are limitations to each hair texture. Type 3 hair is usually light, very curly and can’t hold a twist. Type 4 lacks moisture, stubborn and wash-n-goes are a small myth.

Knowledge of your hair porosity is key. Porosity is how effectively your hair responds to moisture. There are 3 types low, neutral and high porosity. on the porosity spectrum low is little ability to absorb moisture as high porosity absorbs moisture at a much better rate. Read more about porosity test here.

Natural Hair Products

With that knowledge of porosity, products will become easier. You will know from the unset that you need olive oil or that coconut oil is not the best thing for your hair. Over time and with a little bit of experience you will learn how to properly moisturize your hair, techniques that make it excel and processes that makes it just not respond or break. One of the most common questions I get asked is what do I use in my hair. The truth is nothing really works, its 80 percent genetics 5 percent luck and 15 percent products.

Hair Length

Your hair never stops growing, what you need to be focused on is retaining your length. Stop doing things that will break, damage or stress your hair, in my post about 12 mistakes that we need to stop doing now I have listed them with explanations and some tips and tricks to retain that hair length you so desire. I even did a video with these tips too.

Confession from The Worse Natural Hair Person

If I was not blogging and vlogging and would probably not take care of my hair so much, invest in products and understand so clearly what is needed to be done to get my hair at the optimal level. I struggle with length retention and that’s in the past few years that I even notice my hair has been at the same length for years. I think I will always have that issue because I low key hate protective styles. My kryptonite is bleaching my hair, it does react very badly but it does cause some damage. It makes it thin and light and hard as nails to do out styles without getting frizzy. My unbleached hair is coarse, dry and absorbs moisture never, I mean there should be a negative porosity because nothing gets in at all.

So what do I focus on, three things and only 3 at a time each season or each year

  1. Moisture – that is a myth for my hair
  2. Health – Now you why on a beauty blog there are smoothie recipes, oh you can start here for that or on my Pinterest board (see what I did there blogging ain’t easy always need your clicks)
  3. Protection – So I hate and always forget my satin bonnet so I bought a cute one, leave it in the bathroom and now I am a better natural hair person *huge grin*. I have also done extensive searches for protective styles that take like 10 minutes, so who knows might get shoulder length hair again soon (who am I kidding I am already eyeing a tapered haircut).

Are you the worse natural hair person? You may be, visit www.bawnnatural.com for full details

So are you the worse natural hair person? Cases are you are not. We all have our struggles and we all have our goals. The best we can do is talk to each other, experiment, research, follow my blog, and social media pages (lol) and have fun on our natural hair journey.


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