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8 Steps to a Quick Wash Day

If you’re here then you probably have natural hair, which means you have a love-hate relationship with your wash day, here are my 8 Steps for a quick wash day.  But before you move on…. Have you subscribed to our  Youtube channel do that here

When you start your journey this can be the most frustrating. Why? It takes fooorever to get through and by the end…. what styling….. pppshhhaw you’re way too tired.

Now if you read yesterday’s posts then you should have done your porosity test and have determined your hair type and found out how to moisturise your hair based on its porosity. So the understanding your hair part is becoming easier and more fun now, right?

Cleaning your hair, especially if it has low porosity is essential for product absolution.  It’s also essential you understand the benefit of using certain products, not to worry they will be discussed further down in the series.

Now let’s get into the meat of the matter, now this is not a product based post, it’s about the technique of washing and building a regimen for your lifestyle.

We all have a busy lifestyle so you cannot afford to be spending an entire day washing and styling your hair. The goal is to be REAL SIMPLE! Don’t get bombarded with all the brands of shampoos, co-wash, moisturisers or another person regime;

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Start by picking a Day
  2. Detangle and Pre-poo from the night before, if you want a post on how I detangle leave a comment below
  3. Wash in sections
  4. Detangle with conditioner in your hair which takes about 25 minutes
  5. Rinse should take about 5-10 minutes
  6. Towel Dry with a T-shirt
  7. Moisturize with the LOC or LCO Method
  8. Choose a simple style and proceed to look FABULOUS, here are some options here on my Lifestyle with IC-Ta youtube page

Now you have been armed with a simple way to perfect your wash day Routine, your natural hair journey should be a lot more fun. Stay tuned for part 3 in the series tomorrow, where we discuss Must-Have Styling Tools. If you missed yesterdays post you can view it here.

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