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7 Tips on How to Effectively Shampoo your Hair

7 Tips on How to Effectively Shampoo your Hair
I wonder sometimes why we take such things for granted. Like shampooing and conditioning our hair. We have evolved into the co-washing generation and we scream with pitchforks about using harsh shampoos on our hair. The funny thing is that it is absolutely necessary to shampoo and condition your hair, at least once a week. Plus, never did a thing to my mama’s hair.

I have been natural for some 19 years and I have done a few goods and adversely horrible things to my hair. Shampooing was never on the list of horrible things to do. I am definitely a co-wash girl, I have dry brittle hair and not washing away all the sebum doesn’t help me. Co-washing isn’t at all bad, it is absolutely necessary when done correctly.
I co-wash my hair between shampoos when I just need to get rid of some product from my hair. Otherwise, I do a Sunday wash day. Time-consuming, but I have found a very effective wash day routine that works affordable too. You can see how I implement it for my girls here.
So what’s should you do? First, you need to take into consideration your own schedule if you’re a mom like me you know there isn’t enough time in the world to do everything. I have a to plan and organize.
Suggested Shampoos





Shampoo Strategy

  1. Prep from the day before. If you’re into pre-pooing do that the night before. I don’t so I will skip this step
  2. Organize what products you will use the day if you wash day. I do that the day before
  3. Set a timer to ensure you don’t overdo any portion of your wash day. 20 Minutes to shampoo and condition, 20 Minutes for Deep Treat and so forth. Click here to get a break down of how much time you should be doing on each section. You can also print this sheet.
  4. Use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner. It may seem like a marketing ploy but I am here to say it’s a ploy that works. Companies formulate their line to work with each other. Tested and tried it’s not a ploy. 
  5. Concentrate your shampoo at your scalp for maximum cleansing and your deep conditioner or conditioner at the ends for maximum moisture.
  6. I am a stickler for my fingers. My fingers get into my scalp. They are able to feel the strands or any problem area. However, you have the option of using a shampoo comb. It’s quite a relaxing feeling due to its massaging capabilities. You can find one here if you would like to use it.
  7. Start your shampoo early so you can have the rest of day to dry, pamper and style your gorgeous self

Bonus Tip: Use your shampoo until it is all finished, then select a new line to experiment with. Choose one that is parabens, sulphates or alcohol.   The aim of a shampoo is to get your hair clean without stripping the moisture from your hair. Sign p for our newsletter and be the first to get all the new product details.

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